Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Work It

We do not have jobs, but hypothetically - actually this is what we wear on a day to day basis, well except for Mondays to Fridays (we go to a Catholic high school)- if we were to wake up when the sun rises and arrive home before the sun sets, this would be our go-to outfit. Collared shirts, dress pants, and military styled trench coats are the only articles of clothing a working woman needs- totally exaggerating here, but you get the point. 

Suzanne: over and out. 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Rated R: Graphic Tee's

  • We back y'all. It's been almost a year but we be back y'all.
  • in case you forgot: asian grl=amy / white grl=suzanne
  • Spring equinox was a mere few days ago and it brought nothing but disappointment. 
  • Here is our rendition on graphic tees because all the cali girls are wearing them why not?


P.S. How clever is the post title? Like graphic content? Get it? No? Ok nevermind

P.P.S. I went overboard with editing. sorry.



isn't the resemblance uncanny?!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Summah Babay

Casual vs. dressed

Rebecca Taylor loose tank top

H m shirt
$23 -

Pippa blue shorts

Cynthia Rowley short shorts

It sure doesn't feel like it with the rain and wind every other day, but summer is here in Canada. Conjured up a little set for those summer days of shorts and tank. To the left you will find a delightfully comfortable little outfit of cotton shorts and tank, with just enough muss and fuss to make it cute and not boring. (add some leather sandals and dainty bracelets if you please) To the right, you will find a slightly more sophisticated outfit. The cropped, razor cut-out side of the crisp white tank balances nicely with the china-blue floral high waisted shorts. Wear when need to impress!
Shorts and tanks foreves.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Fashion Forward

I go to an all-uniform school, and for someone so in love with fashion and styling, it is an utter nightmare. Everyone, especially me, counts down the days until the next casual day, or as my school calls it, Civvies Day, where we can wear "whatever we want". (Which is technically false considering we have dress codes stating to short shorts, graphic tees, etc. etc.) After an entire winter without a Civvies Day, we finally have a few coming up, the latest one being tomorrow! After frowning at my closet for awhile, I decided to pull out something I thought I would never have the guts to wear: overalls.

Dunagrees, overalls, coveralls -doesn't matter what you call them. They are having such a comeback for the past year and the online fashion has been blowing up with sartorial inspirations rocking out such a quirky trend. I undeniably fell in love with the trend, but never got the guts to try it out! I had a pair of vintage Calvin Klein denim overalls sitting in the closet for a few years now but 1) never knew how to style it right 2) never had the nerves to wear such a weird piece in sweatpant-clad suburbia. I decided to say "what the hell" and wear it tomorrow for Civvies. I may die of humiliation but its for the greater good. I think.


CalvinKlein Overalls

How I planned on wearing them:

My fave pics of cool chicks wearing 'em. All the cool kids are doin it.

None of the following pictures belong to me.

And some coloured overalls:

Ahhh even the puppy!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Grrrl Cave

I don't care whether you live in a shitty apartment, mansion, igloo, cave or in a phone kiosk, your bedroom (or as i like to call it, my grrrl cave) is a very special and very personal place. Now most people would need a secret password (like Ali Baba -open sesame!) to get into my room but what the hell, come take a look.

note: you will only see the more glorious parts of my room. I am an honest-to-God hoarder/procrastinator/ junkaholic so there are dark parts of my room filled with collections of random things and messes that i  mean to clean but never seem to get around to that you will not be able to see -yet.

So shall we start with my top of my bed headboard. I have a rather large one and top of it is flat so I like to keep miscellaneous knick-knacks up there and they are so weird they actually look kinda cool together.
My Beloved Purple Lavender Buddha 

My Cheese Statues: these remind me of something that would exist in movies

Thrifted Gold Elephant Plate: used to hold my watches

My Backdrop: NYC subway map and a picture of a pink balloon 

Moving along to my bookcase: 

Top Shelf: books, scrapbooks, yearbooks, favourite nail polishes and one record
Thrifted Record, The Tartan: no idea what it sounds like but the tartan print tempted me. Based on the description on the back, I'm pretty sure it is bagpipe music from Scotland

Second shelf: my Dear Canada series, old diaries, clock, fabric, perfume box and my self-made tea jar

 Third shelf: fashion magazine of all sorts, fashion books, more fabric, jewelry bowl, perfume, sunnies

Now please leave my room.