Sunday, 5 May 2013

Grrrl Cave

I don't care whether you live in a shitty apartment, mansion, igloo, cave or in a phone kiosk, your bedroom (or as i like to call it, my grrrl cave) is a very special and very personal place. Now most people would need a secret password (like Ali Baba -open sesame!) to get into my room but what the hell, come take a look.

note: you will only see the more glorious parts of my room. I am an honest-to-God hoarder/procrastinator/ junkaholic so there are dark parts of my room filled with collections of random things and messes that i  mean to clean but never seem to get around to that you will not be able to see -yet.

So shall we start with my top of my bed headboard. I have a rather large one and top of it is flat so I like to keep miscellaneous knick-knacks up there and they are so weird they actually look kinda cool together.
My Beloved Purple Lavender Buddha 

My Cheese Statues: these remind me of something that would exist in movies

Thrifted Gold Elephant Plate: used to hold my watches

My Backdrop: NYC subway map and a picture of a pink balloon 

Moving along to my bookcase: 

Top Shelf: books, scrapbooks, yearbooks, favourite nail polishes and one record
Thrifted Record, The Tartan: no idea what it sounds like but the tartan print tempted me. Based on the description on the back, I'm pretty sure it is bagpipe music from Scotland

Second shelf: my Dear Canada series, old diaries, clock, fabric, perfume box and my self-made tea jar

 Third shelf: fashion magazine of all sorts, fashion books, more fabric, jewelry bowl, perfume, sunnies

Now please leave my room.


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