Saturday, 27 April 2013

It's the Cat's Meow

Elise, Suzanne and I went to the cutest cafe ever on the Friday before March break. We skipped class and drove over. It's the tiniest of the tiny, hidden on the side of a building. Called The Cat's Meow, it is certainly a place to go to again. It was extremely cozy, amazing service and it has become our little secret hideout. 

My coffee (or should i say half coffee, half milk and sugar)

My life in a magnet

Introducing: the Catt-acino. The cafe's signature drink, ordered by Elise.

Ordered some breakfast

After breakfast, we decided to stroll down on Main Street, where the cafe was located. It is one of oldest streets in the town and the buildings are just reeking with history. 

But it turns out most of the little boutiques don't open until 11 so we had nothing to do but freeze our butts off. Luckily, we found a little pottery store where we all painted a ceramic piece. It was my first time painting these things and it was surprisingly a lot of fun. The atmosphere was calm and everyone was totally in their zone while painting. Mind you, we were the only teenagers in the store. Everyone was either below the age of 7 or they were a mother.

My jar. Decided to go for a china-ware feel with a cork lid. Can't wait to put it in my future apartment.

Elise's Owl Mug

Suzanne's vase. The picture really doesn't do it justice.

Old lady in the background. I wasn't kidding when I said everyone there was a mother.
Last but definitely not least, we hit up my favorite place: an old book store. It is such a classic old book store, with it's old white awning and chipping door. I wished I could have taken a picture of the window display! The inside is unbelievably small and cramped, with many different little rooms stuffed with old books. The old book smell made me a bit overly excited.

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